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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Predictive Dialer Equipment

Predictive Dialer Equipment

Predictive dialers are usually desktop computers equiped with either special telephony voice boards or off-the-shelf voice modems. Traditionally, voice modems lack many of the features telephony boards offer. For example, call progress detection, call transfer, etc. However, with the ever improvement in today's computer speed, many of the telephony board features are implemented in software, which drastically reduces the cost and improves flexibility.

Another advantage of using a voice modem based system is that it can turn a laptop computer to an autodialing system. There are good quality USB based voice modems, such as those from Creative Lab and Zoom.

  • 3CLogic - Cloud based Predictive Dialer with soft client on Windows PC. No upfront costs. Pay per use. Free trial and training. Built-in lead management and CRM integration.

  • AACC - Asterisk Advanced Call Center is an underway project which aims to create a full CTI solution for the Asterisk PBX. It will include such features as multi-customer and multicampaign predictive dialing, with IVR-only, agent-only, and IVR+Agent type campaigns. First official released planned for Q1-2009. View site.
  • GnuDialer - GPL'd Predictive Dialer and Web CRM Solution. Visit GnuDialer.org
  • The above is the original gnudialer site that has not seen an update in ages. Visit dynx.net/gnudialer for current information.
  • OSDial - OSDial is a full featured GPL dialer created by Call Center Service Group which does Manual, Power and Predictive dialing out of the box. Its easily installed through one of our .iso images. OSDial Project Site OSDial Support Site
  • VICIDIAL Dialer - GPL'd Predictive dialer and Inbound/Outbound call center solution. Project site.
  • VicidialNOW - Automated installation Call Center Suite which is base on VICIDIAL Project site.
  • OwnPages Hourly Hosted Predictive Dialer is based on unmodified Vicidial. It scales from 2 to 850 agents, has no setup fee, is provisioned in a minute and can be freely taken inhouse.
  • Avyukta Intellicall - Predictive Dialer + VoIP Minutes - 99 Live reference centers across the globe + Best Quality VoIP Minutes with redundancy so as to minimize downtime. Predictive Dialer + VoIP Minutes Free demo. IVRS, Domestic PRI Based Center, Bulk VoIP Termination. Various models for Dialer and VoIP as per your requirement. Contact: - Sukumar Singh, sukumar@dialerindia.com Message Me: - avyukta.sukumar @ Gtalk, Skype. +91-8560000080.

  • Astral Predictive Dialer from Astrizon Technology Solutions, Predictive Dialer and Web CRM Solution, Provider With Operations in India, Middle East, Europe, Singapore etc Tel: +91 9591005000, Mob: +91 9916577111
  • EasyDialer - This commercial predictive dialer solution can be integrated to any asterisk based PBX or delivered as a complete solution as virtual linux appliance. Reselling or custom development is also possible.
  • DixitCall Center - Hosted Predictive Dialer . No upfront cost required and based on Software as a Service model (SaaS). Offers inbound and blended services too along with outbound predictive dialer for call centers anywhere in the world. Fr : Solution complète suite DixitCall Center pour créer votre centre d'appels/contacts sans investissement avec robot d'appels prédictif.
  • alphapro predictive dialer Hosted predictive and power dialer. Fixed rates. Choose and configure your own voip provider. Multilingual. +4947130693340.
  • Autodialer from DSC - phone system that automatically calls numbers from a computer maintained list.
  • Autodialer from Voicent
  • Answer Machine Detection from DSC
  • asterCRM Predictive Dialer and Web CRM Solution, provides both open source and commerical version
  • CCI-PBX: PBX Manager and Call Center Edition, English and Spanish. Call Center Features: Inbound, Preview Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Predictive Dialer, Automatic Dialer Commercial
  • Convox: Predictive Dialer from Deepija Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Feature-Auto Dialing, IVRS,CTI Integration, Vtiger Integration, Voice Broadcasting, Lead management..
  • Vcare call center - Call Center A call center provider which offers Predictive Dialer and IVR solutions, uses the product in its call centers in India at over 200 stations.
  • Predilux from Attractel - more than a regular Predictive dialer - 5 modes; 4 types of login
  • Adiance Bizcom Call Center Solution VOIP call center solution for the contact center industry based on an open source, standard-based IP PBX, Asterisk.
  • Aheeva Contact Center Solution -Predictive Dialer and CTI from Aheeva
  • CallFire - A predictive Auto dialer / Voice Broadcasting featuring Virtual Call Center with Popup. J2EE Core / JMS Messaging = Scalability & Reliability.
  • DACX Predictive Dialer
  • DialOne* - Predictive Dialer Asterisk based dialer. 5 Modes of Operation: Predictive, Power, Click to Dial, IVR and SMS. Windows user interface, works with Windows 7. Currently +450 positions in Argentina already using it. Phone Number Normalizer, Data Segmentation Control and much more.
  • Dialapplet - A Predictive dialer, progressive dialer, Power dialer and Androdialer.
  • DragonSUITE Real Predictive Dialer Call Center Solution with J2EE Core, jBPM IVR Engine, JMS Support. DragonINFO Complete reporting solution. DragonTECHDragonTECH Latinoamerica
  • E-Horizons Predictive dialer 'GALAXY 3.4', 5 types of login multi campaign http://www.ehorizons.in/PredictiveDialer.htm
  • Genesis Communications, Inc. www.genesiscommunications.biz.) Completely hosted call center applications, customizable to any industry, Outbound modes include, Preview, Predictive and Power, Inbound and blended modes available. Live transfer feature allows agents to transfer a call to a closer or route calls based on skillset or language. US based support, high touch customer training. Flat fee per agent, no additional per min. costs for outbound dialing. The best voice quality of any hosted service. Your agents dont need extensive training, they simply logon and begin taking calls. Call today for a Live Demonstration and see for yourself.
  • HelloHunter Website Hello Hunter Sales Dialer The only Flash based hosted predictive dialer. SaaS. Free trial. Unique commercial software, highly scalable.
  • ICTBroadcast from ICT Innovations - A smart predictive dialler and Voice , Sms , Fax Broadcasting software solution for SMB,Enterprenuers and ITSP!
  • Indosoft Predictive Dialer provides compliant, automatic, self-pacing predictive dialing. It is an integral part of Indosoft's call center software Q-Suite which comes with a sophisticated Scripting tool, CRM, Live Dashboard and detailed Reports.
  • MarketDialer by SafeSoft Solutions presents a Hosted Predictive Dialer solution combined with a full suite of tools that empower call centers to expand, together with fast, low-cost deployment â�� with complete set up taking as little as 45 minutes; making it the perfect predictive dialing software for virtual and/or distributed call centers.
  • Predilux
  • Presence CRM Optimizer - Predictive Dialer and CTI Solution set
  • SafeSoft Solutions
  • ShadyDial
  • SineDialer - The World's Most Advanced Predictive Dialer from SineApps, the producers of the Daily Asterisk News
  • Skyy Consulting Predictive Dialer - Predictive Dialers with J2EE Core and JMS Queueing for high reliability and scaling Skyy Consulting
  • OmegaDial - Auto-dialer for high-volume call campaigns from Asteria Solutions Group
  • TeleRep Performance Optimizer - The World's Most Cheapest Predictive Dialer with free US DNC Scrubbing
  • Tpad - The Global VoIP Network Predictive Diallers for Call / Contact Centres - Fully customised inbound and outbound predictive, blended SIP dialler with an asterisk built native telephony engine. Supports live real-time statistics, call reporting, DIDs, call recording, softphone, power dialling coupled with the ultra low rates due to SIP trunking and VoIP Media Gateways.
  • IPDialBOX - http://www.microsyslabs.com/ipdialbox.html Predictive Dialer, Call Center Solution, Complete reporting solution Microsyslabs.com
  • APoD - Aster Power Dialer - http://www.apod.co.in Robust , Feature rich , Light weight , complete outbound contact center suite which work with any asterisk based pbx system , even with embedded asterisk pbx.
  • Microbase CTI - The Pure Asterisk Based CTI. Microbase CTI includes Predictive Dialer, Progressive, Preview, Power and Direct to IVR. Microbase CTI is based on Microsoft .Net framework and supports SQL Server and Oracle Databases. It also includes, Agent Management, Queuing, Skill based routing, Inbound and Outbound handling, Modular IVR, Analytical Reports and Statistics, Agent Monitor Console, Real-Time Monitoring, Agent Toolbar, Call Recording and fully documented API for 3rd party software integration.
  • ZONE Limited offers cloud-based predictive dialer solution. Our platform can self-adjust dialing speed to maximize agent utilization and work with SIP or PSTN agent phones. Auto customer profile pop-up according to dialed number. Supervisor can monitor and record agent conversation. We also provision China, Hong Kong and Singapore access numbers.
  • WombatDialer is a telecasting solution that works as an add-on to your existing Asterisk system.


  • Hello Hunter Sales Dialer Hosted Predictive Dialer100% SaaS hosted predictive dialer. Only commercial predictive/auto dialer based on Freeswitch. Web-based Phone--no hassle installs. Unique GUI. Highly scalable.
  • YTEL Hosted Predictive Dialer Easy to use Hosted Predictive Dialer with Unlimited minutes to US/Canada (including US Territories like Puerto Rico). Use any compatible SIP hard or softphone. Also works with Google Talk or use our built in softphone. 24x7 Support. Instant Signup for this Hosted Predictive Dialer.
  • Callety Callety dialer Web based, all dial modes, SIP based multi provider friendly with flexible logic what provider to use when, built in recording, comprehensive list management features, very scalable.




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Thanks for sharing, Its really very useful info.. for commenting.

Thanks for sharing, Its really very useful info.. for commenting.

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