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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Asterisk Applications

Asterisk is named after the Unix/Linux wild-card character because, like the wild-card Asterisk can be virtually anything. This section covers a number of basic examples and provides recipes for creating some of the more common configurations. We are always looking for additional recipes, white papers and case studies, so please let us know if you have an example to post.
Asterisk is often referred to as "the open source PBX" and it's true that you can use Asterisk to build a PBX, in fact, we've done that work for you with our line of turnkey Switchvox solutions, but a PBX is only one of many applications you can build with Asterisk.
VoIP Gateway
Gateways connect legacy phone equipment to modern VoIP systems. Asterisk supports many different protocols to bridge the modern and legacy communication worlds together.
Asterisk has an integrated voicemail application that enables developers to to build a world class voicemail system at a fraction of the cost of commercial solutions. Some of the largest voicemail implementations in the world are built using Asterisk.
Interactive Voice Response enables companies to improve customer service, reduce repetitive tasks and save money. Asterisk makes it easy to build IVR applications.
Audio Conferencing
Asterisk-based conference servers represent one of the most compelling solutions. Asterisk can scale up to handle large sophisticated multi-party conference applications or down to manage a conference bridge for intra-company use.
The limits of Asterisk are the limits of your imagination. Here we have outlined a number of the most common solutions built on Asterisk. We invite you to explore the power of Asterisk and to see what you can build.



Good listing of all useful products at one place.

Using Video conferencing as a business tool the flexibility in having visual accessibility from home to any where across the world is possible.

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