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Friday, 28 September 2012

3GPP Organizational Partners

Organizational Partners

The six 3GPP Organizational Partners are from Asia, Europe and North America. Their aim is to determine the general policy and strategy of 3GPP and perform the following tasks:
  • The approval and maintenance of the 3GPP scope;
  • The maintenance of the Partnership Project Description;
  • Take the decision to create or cease a Technical Specification Groups, and approve their scope and terms of reference;
  • The approval of Organizational Partner funding requirements;
  • The allocation of human and financial resources provided by the Organizational Partners to the Project Co-ordination Group;
  • Act as a body of appeal on procedural matters referred to them.
Together with the Market Representation Partners (MRPs) perform the following tasks:
  • The maintenance of the Partnership Project Agreement;
  • The approval of applications for 3GPP partnership;
  • Take the decision against a possible dissolution of 3GPP.
3GPP Organizational Partners
Organization Base region
Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) Japan
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) USA
China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) China
European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Europe
Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) Korea
Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC) Japan

Market Representation Partners

The 3GPP Organizational Partners can invite a Market Representation Partner to take part in 3GPP, which:
  • Has the ability to offer market advice to 3GPP and to bring into 3GPP a consensus view of market requirements (e.g., services, features and functionality) falling within the 3GPP scope;
  • Does not have the capability and authority to define, publish and set standards within the 3GPP scope, nationally or regionally;
  • Has committed itself to all or part of the 3GPP scope;
  • Has signed the Partnership Project Agreement.
As of December 2011 the Market Representation Partners are:
Market Representation Partners
Organization Website
IMS Forum www.imsforum.org
TD-Forum www.tdscdma-forum.org
GSA www.gsacom.com
GSM Association www.gsmworld.com
IPV6 Forum www.ipv6forum.com
UMTS Forum www.umts-forum.org
4G Americas www.4gamericas.org
TD SCDMA Industry Alliance www.tdscdma-alliance.org
InfoCommunication Union www.icu.org.ru
Femto Forum www.femtoforum.org/femto
CDMA Development Group www.cdg.org
Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) www.coai.com
NGMN Alliance www.ngmn.org




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