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Sunday, 30 September 2012

What does it mean to “provision” ENUM?

What does it mean to “provision” ENUM?

At the heart of the ENUM service is an Internet domain name registry.
Domain name registries have two core responsibilities: maintaining the authoritative database of domain name registrations, and publishing a "zone file" on the Internet that can be queried by any Internet user. The authoritative database has data about each domain name that is registered (who registered the name, contact information, the expiration date of the registration, etc.) The zone file contains information that will point the Internet user to the desired application, such as email or Web sites.
(For example, Neustar is the domain name registry for the .BIZ Internet domain. The Acme Company registers the domain name www.acme.biz with the .BIZ registry. As the registrant, Acme registers the name with the registry and is responsible for all adds, modifies and deletes related to this name. Further, when an Internet user types the address www.acme.biz into his or her Web browser, the browser will query the .BIZ zone file for a pointer to www.acme.biz, then it will query the Acme server to find the Acme Company Web page.)
In summary: To provision ENUM means to provision the administrative and pointer information for the ENUM domain name with the ENUM registry. For example, if someone's phone number was +1 202-555-1212, he or she would provision the domain name with the registry that is responsible for the domain That would make him or her the registrant for that domain name.



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