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Saturday, 29 September 2012

What is e164?

In a nutshell: E164.org is a public enum directory of telephone numbers that can be reached over the Internet by anyone anywhere!
The system works by publishing a DNS zone, 'e164.org', that can be used by various Internet applications. The idea is to be able to map your phone number to an Email address, website, VoIP addresses, etc. Find out more.
We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page.
If you control large blocks of numbers, or would like us to handle your e164.arpa delegation, please contact us to discuss your requirements and options.
We have a number of plugins to integrate enum lookups into other applications
If you need help configuring your software we have a growing library of information on our wiki, if details are lacking for software you use, please help by contributing as much information as you can.
To protect your privacy and prevent your link from being snooped we secure our SSL certificates from CAcert.org. You may get a warning from your browser about being untrusted, the simple fix is to load CAcert's root certificate into your web browser.



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