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Sunday, 30 September 2012

What are the main benefits of ENUM for subscribers?

What are the main benefits of ENUM for subscribers?

The primary benefit of ENUM is allowing Internet users the ability to communicate with other people via a range of services when the caller knows only the telephone number of that person or only has access to a telephone keypad. Internet services and resources can be accessed by end users with IP telephones, ordinary telephones connected to the Internet and other numeric-input, Internet-connected devices. ENUM allows end users to choose how they wish to be contacted, giving them greater control.

Who could use Public ENUM?

Aside from accredited Registrars, ENUM can be used by corporations, individuals, government agencies, military organizations and hosts of other non-individual users.

How is ENUM going to work for the average end user?
What will it look like?

The mechanics of using ENUM when a call is made from one person to another are virtually invisible. For instance, if one person called another and both parties were using IP phones, the call would appear as if it were being made over the regular PSTN. The calling party would designate the services its number would use, and the called party would also have specified which ENUM service they wish to have used to be contacted.

What kinds of applications could use ENUM?

The initial applications to which ENUM will be applied are Voice over IP (VoIP) and Voice Profile for Internet email (VPIM). The goal of the VoIP industry is to be able to make simple and high-quality voice calls using the internet, while the VPIM industry wants to develop voice mail systems that can exchange messages over IP networks. ENUM’s applications will most certainly reach beyond VoIP and VPIM to such services as Internet fax and Instant Messaging.



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