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Sunday, 30 September 2012

effect of e164.arpa deployment on the global DNS

What is the effect of e164.arpa deployment on the global DNS system?

This is going to require research, such as the effect of "wrong dials" on the root of e164. That is, caller specification of a wrong number can result in many additional queries to the e164.arpa root.
Additional work will be necessary in advising ENUM applications about such things as the level of data caching necessary in order to relieve stress; suppress escalating of poorly-formed queries; misdials; or cache misses on the root structure. For telephony applications, performance and load engineering is critical, as query volumes from small- to medium-sized cities alone can easily reach many thousands per second. Response times, as well as transaction loads, must be carefully considered. Conventional DNS caching is of significantly reduced value in ENUM due to the huge size of the name space and relatively even distribution of queries into the space over arbitrary time intervals. Unlike conventional DNS queries, call volumes are not highly concentrated into a popular small subset of the number space.



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