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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Installing and Configuring 3CXPhone for iPhone

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Installing and Configuring 3CXPhone for iPhone

By November 11, 2010 | 27 Comments


  1. Click here to be taken to the 3CXPhone for iPhone within the Appstore, or start up the Appstore manually
  2. Search for 3CXphone or just type in 3CX. This search will bring up the 3CXPhone for iPhone
  3. Select install
  4. The phone will be installed automatically.

Configuring 3CXPhone for iPhone

After you have installed 3CXPhone for iPhone, you must configure it to use a VoIP provider or a VoIP PBX (SIP server) in order to make and receive calls. Note that 3CX only provides the software, we do not provide any calling services. After you have obtained an account at a VOIP provider or your Extension details from a VoIP PBX, you must proceed to configure a connection to that account in 3CXPhone as follows:
  1. Start 3CXPhone by tapping the 3CXPhone icon. The first time you start 3CXPhone, it will automatically prompt you to create a new connection profile or to use provisioning. To create a profile manually click on “Create Profile” and go to (3)
  2. If you are connecting to 3CX Phone System and you are located on the same LAN (in the office) you can have 3CX Phone for iPhone automatically configured using Auto Provisioning. More information available here (3CX Phone System V10 and higher is required).
  3. Configure Name and authentication information
    • Name: Configure a name to identify this account.
    • Display Name: Enter your first and last name here. This is the name that other phones will see on their display.
    • User: Enter the extension number or user ID (sometimes referred to as Extension number, SIP ID, Phone number, Account)
    • ID: Enter your Authentication ID (sometimes referred to as Auth ID, Authentication Name, User name, Authentication user name).
    • Password: Specify your password in the ‘Password’ field.
      NOTE: The terminology used may vary between VoIP Providers and PBXs.
  4. Configure Use As Toggle
    There are three states 1) In Office 2) Out of office Tunnel 3) SIP Account

    a) If you are connected to a 3CX Phone System and you are in the same network, select In Office
    b) If you want to connect to 3CX Phone System and you are out of the office select Out of office Tunnel. For more information see Configuring 3CXPhone for iPhone with 3CX VoIP Tunnel
    c) If you want to connect to a VoIP Provider select SIP Account
  5. In the Local PBX IP field enter the IP Address of your PBX or SIP Server example If you are connecting 3CXPhone to a VoIP Provider you can skip this step.
  6. In the “External PBX IP” field, specify the domain name or the public IP of the SIP server (also referred to as registrar server or SIP registrar) of your VoIP Provider or VoIP PBX. For example, sip.myvoipprovider.net.
  7. If your VoIP provider has given you a STUN server name, specify it in the “STUN Server” field here. If not, you can leave the STUN server entry as stun3.3cx.com
  8. If your provider needs a proxy server enter the address in the Proxy field
  9. Click DONE to create the connection profile. This new profile will be displayed in the “Profiles” page. Once you have logged in successfully, your user name will be shown at the top on the right hand side



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