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Thursday, 27 September 2012


VoxDialer™ is a soft phone or mobile VoIP dialer to make VoIP calls from the mobile phone, which has been designed keeping the unique requirements of the VoIP providers in mind. The only pre-requisite for using VoIP is you need to have a compatible mobile phone with data connectivity (3G/4G/Wi-Fi, GPRS or EDGE). It supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and is easy to configure.
One of the unique features of VoxDialer is white label branding for service providers, wherein as a service provider, you can offer a mobile app to your end customers for VoIP calling in your own brand.
While VoxDialer works without VPN, MoSIP works only with VPN. However, by integrating seamlessly with VoxBridge, MoSIP consumes lesser bandwidth as compared to other mobile clients in the industry and makes it the most preferred choice - works even in VoIP blocked areas.

  • User-friendly interface with Auto sync and display of balance on the card.
  • Extensive private label branding with website URL, company logo, name and branded icon.
  • Works with existing SIP/IP PBX/any other standard Soft-Switch.
  • On screen call log (stores up to 50 call logs) with call duration info
  • Offers flexibility to check balance through IVR.
  • Works with low bandwidth networks using VoxBridge (bandwidth saver).
  • Integrates with mobile's phone book and auto detects (+) sign when a contact is picked from the phonebook.
  • Timer facility
  • Displays real time status messages.
  • Balance on demand by dialing IVR extension.
  • Loud speaker
  • Displays native Mobile phone book
  • Works behind NAT or private IP or VoIP blocked countries.
  • Works with Voipswitch,Asterisk,voicemaster,freeswitch and any other SIP standard softswitches.
  • Supports Qos.
  • Offers high level of compatibility with any kind of soft switch that supports SIP.
Technical Specifications
  • Supported Codec - Supports G729, G711, GSM and AMR codecs.
  • IP Traversal - Runs behind NAT and on private IP.
  • Protocol - Session Initiation Protocol.
  • Compatibility with Soft-Switches - Vox Dialer is compatible with all standard SIP Soft-Switches.



By using SIP Providers you can reduce your connectivity charges, simplifies the network and reduce its cost also improves the communication level.

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