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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Do we require Imran's advise?

Do we require Imran's advise? Come on Guys, share your view:
During the just concluded Test series against New Zealand, Sachin Tendulkar got bowled thrice in a row, thus creating a stir of sorts, with experts talking about his footwork and

if age was catching up with the Master Blaster.

Of course Sachin chooses to do all the talking with his bat. But he has some advice for him from across the border, from none other than the legendary Imran Khan.

Speaking exclusively to NDTV, Mr Khan advised the master batsman to leave cricket on a high. "Sachin is such a great player but I can only say if I were in his position, I would want to leave on a high and my greatest worry was that I should never be at the mercy of the selectors."

When asked if somebody like Sachin could ever be at the mercy of the selectors, Mr Khan said: "No, but why put yourself in such a position. I mean Sachin, what a brilliant record he has. Would he not want to? Again I put myself in that position, my greatest worry was that I would not be able to perform best to my abilities. So people will not remember me for when I was at the peak but when I was leaving my career.



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