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Monday, 22 October 2012

XDA-University to open its classes for aspiring developers soon

XDA-University to open its classes for aspiring developers soon

Aside from AA, there’s one place where developers, tinkerers, and regular Android users spend their time online, the XDA-Developers website. On XDA, topics don’t stray too far from the wonderful world of mobile development, and, in general, all things mobile tech. But with so many guides and tutorials that the community offers, it can be hard to look for specific information, especially for those who are new to the scene.
Aiming to become the place where new generations of Android developers learn about developing ROMs and the likes, XDA is planning to launch a crowd-sourced initiative website, the XDA-University.com.
Those looking for Android education will be treated at XDA-U with free PDF books on varying subjects, various tools, and well structured  information ready to be devoured by eager minds.
It’s not clear when the virtual Uni will be officially launched, but prospective students can head to XDA-University.com to enter their e-mail address. The team will notify you when the new semester starts.
Anyone planning to enroll to get their Android degree?




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