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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Google joins Sony in promoting James Bond as an Android user

While Sony has been promoting the Xperia T as the “Bond Phone” for some time now, earlier this week Google seemed to take an interest in promoting James Bond as an Android user.
With Sony upping the ante on product placement earlier this week, it seems that Google thought it might be a nice time to join them in making sure that everyone knows that James Bond uses an Android phone. While it makes sense that Google would want to push the idea of James Bond as an Android user, it seems a little strange that they are only doing it now, when Sony was beginning to promote the relationship between Bond and the Xperia T in early September.
Product placement is nothing new, and Apple has used it to great effect for their own products for a long time now. While Android devices have gotten product placement before, they certainly aren’t as ubiquitous in television and films as Apple products are. Now with Google apparently taking an interest in seeing some big-time product placement for Android devices, it is possible that we’ll begin to see more of this.
It’s important to note that, as it stands right now, we’re only talking about one post on Google+, albeit one that was +1′d over 3,000 times and was shared by nearly 500 people. The post reads:
Did you know James Bond uses an +Android smartphone in the latest movie, Skyfall? Get a chance to win the new Bond Phone, Xperia T the Android powered smartphone from Sony +Sony Xperia
The post wasn’t mirrored on the official Android Twitter account, but it’s possible that this was simply because the message is too long.
Are you looking forward to more product placement for Android devices in the future? Are you just not a fan of product placement in general?



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