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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

WhitePages Android app launched as people and store locator

WhitePages Android app launched as people and store locator

We earlier featured White Pages’ Current Caller ID Android app as a great way for smartphone users to see context before they answer a call. Current Caller ID shows you a caller’s latest social streams, so you know what they’ve been up to, which can make for an interesting conversation piece. The app also gives you statistics on your usage, including most frequent callers and SMS correspondents.
WhitePages has released its app on Android, mainly as a locator app for finding friends and establishments using your smartphone’s location services.
The app has two main features: Nearby People and Nearby Stores.
Nearby People. White Pages says a majority of Americans don’t know the people in their neighborhood. The app makes it easier to be in touch with people in your community by offering access to contact details.
Nearby Stores. Meanwhile, the business-oriented functionality will let users easily find establishments in 80,000 neighborhoods around the U.S. This includes menus, maps and directions. The aim is for users to be able to easily find friends and meet up at interesting locations.
The app pulls Facebook and Twitter contacts for a more seamless experience. White Pages is available on both iOS and Android, and is a free download from Google Play.




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