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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 NYC Event Wrap Up

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 NYC Event Wrap Up

Samsung held an event in New York City earlier this evening as part of its Galaxy Note 2 World Tour, and we were there to see it happen. While there wasn’t any earth-shattering news revealed, the event was well received and devices were everywhere for the testing. Read on for a first-hand account of the event.

To kick things off, there was a short video showing the increasing popularity of Samsung devices. After this, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Mobile USA, Todd Pendleton, came out with a few more words on the subject, eventually landing on the reason everyone was there in the first place: The Galaxy Note 2. At this point, there isn’t really any more to learn about the Note 2 spec-wise, but he went over a few of the phone’s more impressive features.

Pendleton then passed the mic to Samsung’s Chief Product Officer Kevin Packingham, who held up a device that many were hoping to see, but weren’t sure they would: the Samsung Galaxy Camera. He went over what he described as some of his favorite features, such as the 4.77-inch Super Clear HD display, the 16-megapixel sensor, and the device’s Smart Modes. He also talked for a while about the Galaxy Camera’s ability to wirelessly share photos with other devices up to 200 feet away.
After this, Pendleton came back out for a bit and mentioned that the event would wrap up with a musical performance by Kanye West, something Samsung had been unable to keep secret leading up to the event. Then it was time to head backstage and check out the devices in action.

Backstage, the floor was packed with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 display models. This ranged from tables placed in the middle of the room where passers-by could start using the device at will, to a number of specialty kiosks that showed off various features of the phone. Visitors were able to check out the Galaxy Note 2′s music capabilities, try various games and apps on the device, and even order desserts using the phone’s NFC functionality.

Unlike the Galaxy Note 2, which would have been hard to avoid even if you tried, the Samsung Galaxy Camera was harder to track down. These weren’t available for anyone to just use, but instead were in the hands of show staff who would show off the device’s features to those who wanted to see them. More often than not, this included taking a picture of anyone who was curious about the device. While it was possible to get your hands on one, the demand was so high that anyone who got to look at one didn’t get to do so for very long.

In the end, even though there wasn’t much in the way of new announcements, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 event was a great way to get the Note 2 into the hands of a lot of people at once. In essence, it was a smaller scale version of Samsung’s challenge to naysayers of the original Galaxy Note to use it for a month, which Mr. Pendleton referred to at the beginning of the show.
Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2  is becoming available in the U.S., are you planning to get one. With all the carriers available, which one will you choose?




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