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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Xperia Tablet S to resume sales mid-November

Xperia Tablet S to resume sales mid-November
Sony Japan has confirmed that the 9.4-inch Xperia Tablet S tablet will resume sales mid-November. A few weeks ago the company halted sales when a small manufacturing fault was found – it was discovered that water breached part of the ‘waterproof’ chassis on some of the units. This defect occurred because of a small gap between the display panel and the back of the product that would let water reach the inside of the tablet in case of accidental spills.
Sony had shipped around 100,000 units before discovering the issue, which will result in a lot of unhappy customers. However, Sony predicted that this problem will not affect earnings generated by the tablet.
As compensation for the inconvenience, Sony is offering free repair services and inspection to customers in most markets, so be sure to take a trip to your local Sony store if you are worried your device may be affected.



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