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Friday, 26 October 2012

Glympse for iOS and Android gets more instinctive with the new feature updates

Glympse, the pioneer for real-time location sharing, has introduced an updated app of its popular service that makes it possible to share location with family and friends. The new app now includes Glympse Groups, calendar integration and the ‘Request a Glympse’ features.
The app is available for free on the iOS and Android platforms (Google Play link). Speaking on the launch of the new app, the CEO and co-founder of Glympse, Bryan Trussel, said that the company has reached a “pivotal point in the evolution of location sharing – moving beyond static check-ins, to location as a mainstream way of communication.” By adding these new features, Trussel reinstated the company’s continued goal of providing an “instinctive way for anyone to share their location – as privately or widely as they would like – by integrating the action easily into everyday activities.”
Glympse Groups will allow users to share and interact via such common activities like social gatherings and sports by revealing a user’s real-time location on a map and encouraging social discovery and local interaction. Users simply enter a bang(!) and the group name without any login details and all group members real-time locations are displayed on a map.
The calendar integration update makes it possible to automatically schedule location updates based on your Outlook, Google or iOS calendar. This virtually eliminates the need for those ‘on my way’ text messages or calls.
The Request a Glympse feature works by sending a text request to users asking them to broadcast their location at a given time. Accepting the request allows the recipients to instantly start broadcasting their real-time location. If the recipient does not have Glympse installed, the request comes with a link to download the app and start sharing their location.



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