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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4 landing at Mobile World Congress in Feb

Samsung Galaxy S4 landing at Mobile World Congress in Feb

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 but four months old, rumours have already started to do the rounds about a sequel to the South Korean phone-maker’s flagship Android kit.
Citing unnamed supply chain sources, as well as what we’re guessing are some better informed sorts within Samsung, the Korea Times claims that the phone will land in February at the Mobile World Congress.
samsung galaxy s3 red
The handset is apparently set to hit retailers shortly after in March – just nine months after the release of its predecessor.
In news that’s unlikely to surprise anyone on nodding terms with prevailing trends in smartphone upgrades, Samsung’s new kit will purportedly pack a larger five-inch OLED screen – up from the S3’s 4.8-inches - and international 4G LTE support.
An unnamed deepthroat said: “Samsung wants to keep its one-year product schedule and the Galaxy S4 will be the first to match that strategy.
“The S4 will see some external changes but retain its popular rectangular shape with rounded corner concept.”
News of Samsung’s plans comes as it recently announced that the S3 has now sold some 20 million units, making it the company’s fastest-selling phone ever.
Korea Times




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