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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE firmwares posted online

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE firmwares posted online

galaxy-note-2-n7100 hands on
While October 24 is the date when Samsung is planning to officially launch the Galaxy Note 2 in the U.S., the phablet has already been released in several countries for a couple of weeks now. Samsung has also made the source codes of the Galaxy Note 2 available.
But if what you’re after is some Galaxy Note 2 LTE goodies from its Singapore, Germany and Portugal release – this is where Samsung-Updates can help you out, as they have posted the firmwares for the GT-N7105 variant of the device released for the aforementioned markets.
You can download the carrier-specific Android 4.1 stock ROM files for the Galaxy Note 2 LTE from the source below.
In other Galaxy Note 2 LTE-related news, the device will be hitting Australia next – with Optus, Vodafone and Telstra all expected to start offering the mini-tablet in November.
For those who have gotten their hands on the successor to the Note, how has the device changed your life for the better? How often do you find yourself using the S Pen? Is there any feature that you’d like to see being improved?




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