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Saturday, 6 October 2012

MSRP Stack

MSRP (Message Session Relay Protocol) protocol stack is a SDK developed by Juphoon, compliant with RFC4975 standards and its extended specifications. The protocol stack enables such service as data and file transfer defined by IETF RFC 4975 document. It features high-speed file transfer and low bandwidth occupation via P2P transmission and based on TCP, suitable for real-time services, such as instant message (IM), file transfer, image share, game and service control.

Our MSRP protocol stack is a part of Juphoon protocol suite, adding high-speed data transmission capabilities to IMS-based services, such as file transfer, instant message (1-1 chat, 1-n chat and group chat), image share and wireless PTT control. It is designed to provide simple and intuitive interfaces, enabling rapid service integration and high-speed transfer. 

Features at a Glance
With SIP IM service framework, it can:
support Session Mode messaging
support Large Message Mode messaging and file transfer
suitable for client development
Based on the upper-layer development of protocol stacks, following data transfer are available:
IM (1-1 chat, 1-n chat and group chat)
file transfer
image share
breakpoint resume
offline messaging
offline file transfer



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