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Monday, 15 October 2012

Microsoft to push its Xbox Music service to Android

Microsoft to push its Xbox Music service to Android

Microsoft’s Xbox Music is set to join the long list of digital music services that are readily available today like Google Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Cloud Player, Sony Music Unlimited and Samsung Music Hub. This time around, Microsoft isn’t making it an exclusive for one platform only, as the software giant plans to bring the revamped service to Android and iOS devices as well. There’ll be no love for Windows 7 owners, though.
Seeing that the digital music service will only be launched this Tuesday for Xbox 360 and on October 26 for Windows 8 (as the platform’s default music player), which will then be followed by its debut on Windows 8 phones — it’s to be expected that the Android version isn’t a priority for now. Although an exact date hasn’t been given, the music service is expected to arrive on Android platform only in early 2013.
Here’s some information about Xbox Music for interested folks who no longer frequent physical music stores to purchase music CDs.
The Xbox Music will be an ad-supported service. Reportedly boasting some 30-million song collection, customers can use the service for free for 10 hours a month after six months, which still doesn’t sound like a lot. For those who don’t mind paying $9.99 per month, there’s the ad-free premium version for an unlimited music streaming and “cloud locker” to store your music library.  Of course, you can also buy and download the tracks.
As to what sets the Xbox Music apart, Microsoft has provided the chart above for an easy comparison of its many features against the competition’s. If we were to believe everything the company says, it seems the Xbox Music has an edge over the rest of the competition.
Is this one music service worth looking forward to?



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