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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Microsoft stores are offering reservation cards for Surface launch day buyers

The face of Microsoft Surface tablet
Image Credit Connect with Mobility
Come October 26th, Microsoft will release its new Surface device to the high street. However, particularly devoted customers may be able to snap up the tablet sooner rather than later by visiting their closest Microsoft store.
An image from WPCentral reveals the face of a reported reservation card, which simply says that a Surface tablet has been reserved, and that the user must appear to collect their tablet before noon on it’s day of release, October 26th.
Face of the reservation card for SurfaceImage Credit WP Central 
Since the 32GB Surface RT tablet is currently sold out online, this may be the only route to purchase one for the time being. There is no definitive information on particular stores that are offering these passes, but we know for sure that the Washington Square store in Beaverton, Oregon, is handing them out.
WPCentral also tells us that there is a Microsoft employee manning the kiosk at the store handing out the pass – there were reportedly around 150 – 200 cards in the representatives hand.
It’s recommended that eager Surface buyers contact their nearest store before attempting to swing by and pick up one of the reservation cards, as stocks will dwindle with a mere 23 stores spread over 14 states.



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