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Monday, 22 October 2012

Make missed calls obsolete with CritiCall

Make missed calls obsolete with CritiCall

We’ve all been there, anxiously checking our phones, making sure we didn’t miss that important call we’ve been expecting. Maybe your wife is pregnant. Maybe you just interviewed for a new job.Regardless, you know something big is coming your way, and if you leave your silenced phone by itself for nary a minute, you stand a chance of missing it.
Fortunately, with CritiCall, those worries become a thing of the past.
At the core of it, CritiCall will override your phone’s volume settings if a particular person (or people) call you. It’s a simple premise, but one that works surprisingly well, especially in an app market filled to the brim with options.
Once you have CritiCall installed, you’ll probably notice how clean its user interface is. On the main screen, there’s only three options up-front: turning CritiCall on or off, and deciding how loud your phone’s ringer will be.
In the event you turn CritiCall off, you’ll be taken to a second screen where you can set a time to auto-resume using CritiCall. It’s a seamless, perfect way to make sure you only have the service turned on when you want it, without having to make you remember to turn it on when, say, you wake up the next morning.
Down at the bottom of the screen is where you make all the magic happen: the Contacts button. Hitting this button takes you to a list of every contact you have in your phone book. Tapping a name prompts you with a final confirmation that you want to make a contact critical, and if you, that person is added to your list.
Long-pressing a contact pulls up a custom settings menu for only that contact. Within this menu, you can add them to a group (or create a group if you have none), decide if this contact is always critical, and add custom settings (like critical hours for a specific person instead of the entire app).
If you want to remove someone as a critical contact, tap their name when you’re on the critical contacts menu. (It’s exactly the same as adding someone, just from a different list.)
In my experience, CritiCall works flawlessly. I first discovered it when I was expecting a call from a new employer over the summer, and it worked like a charm. Since then, I’ve always kept it installed on my phone, with important contacts added to my list.
If you yourself are interested in never missing a critical call ever again, CritiCall is only 99 cents in the Google Play Store.




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