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Friday, 19 October 2012

free sip phone call forwarding DID, virtual local phone number with free call forwarding to SIP voipswitch

virtual local phone number with free call forwarding to SIP voipswitch

One of the most convenient and cheep service our company provides to you is call forwarding to SIP telephone. Not many people are aware of every advantage of using VoIP SIP phones or soft phones. Land line telephones are leaved far behind and not widely used nowadays because VoIP technologies are used by the most global companies of the world. It is convenient, high quality and cheep. The problem is that not everyone knows a lot about SIP or web telephones and how to use it.

VoIP (voice over the internet protocol) is a cost effective solution to your telephony needs. It allows you to make cheap calls to anyone, anywhere in the world using your PC or a VoIP Phone handset. What's more, calls between VoIP lines are free. There are a lot of soft phones with different functions and interfaces so you can choose the one you like the most to organize your work as you like. The most common and widely used VoIP telephone is Skype. Beside Skype there are a lot of other soft telephones such as Axon, Express Talk, VRS, IVM, Gajim, Eye beam, Twinkle, Linphone, Ekiga etc. If you don’t want to setup any software you can always use the hardware SIP phone, which resembles the common telephone but can receive and make calls using the internet instead of the traditional landline system.

To make outgoing calls all you need to do  is to set up any of the softphones.
But if you want to receive incoming calls you have to buy a virtual number and set up call forwarding. So you can buy avirtual number in any of the offered countries and forward all the phone calls to your SIP phone. To set up callforwarding please choose call forwarding to phone in your account and specify «SIP/number@username» in the numberfield where «number» is your direct number in international formate. If you`d like to get our company as a provider, please look for your «username» in «Advanced settings» menu, SIP/IAX info page. If you use another SIP-provider, please specify the SIP_ID you`ve got from the provider as your «username».

Exemple :
SIP/ test1@xx.xx.xxx.xxx
SIP/ 49xxxxxxxxxx@xx.xx.xxx.xxx
domain : IP adress or website (SIP provider)

So, if you purchase a virtual number with call forwarding to VoIP SIP phone you will get such advantages as:
  • cheap phone calls all over the world;
  • free redirecting to your soft phone;
  • inward free telephone calls;
  • opportunity to organize your work in the most convenient way;
  • online technical support.




By using SIP Providers you can reduce your connectivity charges, simplifies the network and reduce its cost also improves the communication level.

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