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Thursday, 1 November 2012

U.S. Cellular announces major 4G LTE expansion plans

U.S. Cellular
Earlier today U.S. Cellular announced they will dramatically expand their 4G LTE network to 30 new markets beginning on November 5th. U.S. Cellular also mentioned they plan to have about 58 percent of their customers covered by LTE service by the end of 2012.
Some of the states that will begin to see this expanded 4G LTE coverage include Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Oklahoma. Additionally, several new 4G LTE markets will be established in cities such as Rockford (Illinois), Medford (Oregon) and Knoxville (Tennessee). This is great news for U.S. Cellular customers. While they might be a smaller carrier, that clearly doesn’t mean U.S. Cellular can’t offer competitive services and plans.
Unfortunately there isn’t a master list of all the cities and markets that will be seeing 4G LTE coverage this year, but the carrier does promise to update its 4G coverage map on November 5th to give its customers a better idea if they are going to get high-speed access in their area or not. Any U.S. Cellular subscribers excited about this news?



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