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Monday, 12 November 2012

Best dialogue of bollywood ever!!Rajesh Khanna, AMitabh Bacchan

Rajesh Khanna (born Jatin Khanna) (29 December 1942 - 18 July 2012) was an Indian actor in Hindi films, and was also a film producer and a politician.
He is referred to as the "First Superstar" of Hindi cinema. He appeared in 163 feature films of which 128 films saw him as the lead protagonist; he appeared in 17 short films as well.

In June 2012, it was reported that Rajesh Khanna's health had been deterorating for some time, On 23 June 2012 he was admitted to Lilavati Hospital due to some health complications. He was discharged on 8 July 2012 from the hospital and was reported to be fine. On 14 July 2012, Rajesh Khanna was readmitted to the Lilavati hospital but was discharged on 17 July. He died on 18 July 2012 at his bungalow Aashirwad, in Mumbai due to Kidney problems.

#RIP #Rajesh Khanna :(

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