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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sony Xperia U upgrade to ICS finally available in Canada

Sony Xperia U
The wait for Android ICS has probably been more than a little painful for Canadian owners of the Sony Xperia U. The good news is that Sony has now announced that you can ditch Gingerbread and jump into the Ice Cream Sandwich goodness. The update is available now via Sony’s PC Companion software.
With Android 4.2 recently unveiled this update might seem more than a little anticlimactic for Xperia U owners. While Sony creates high-quality smartphones, they tend to be more than a little behind the times when it comes to bringing out the latest versions of Android. That being said, getting ICS is still worlds better than being stuck with Gingerbread.
Holding out for news about Jelly Bean? Unfortunately, Sony recently listed several devices that the company confirms are definitely getting updated to Jelly Bean and the Xperia U isn’t one of them. The good news is that Sony has already mentioned it is still evaluating potential upgrade possibilities for the Xperia U, so we can at least cross our fingers for the time being.
Have you updated your Sony Xperia U yet, how did it go? Loving the switch to ICS?



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