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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Nook users get Rdio’s 18 million tunes catalog, music discovery as a bonus

Owners of B&N’s Nook tablets (both HD and HD+) now have the choice to listen to more than 18 million songs made available by Rdio, a multi-platform ad-free music service provider. Nook users can now enjoy music as they read their favorite books, using the Rdio app available in the  Barnes & Noble application store. The app is also available for Android users through the Google Play store.
Apart from listening to your favorite songs, Rdio lets you to see what your friends are listening to and follow them. In addition, Rdio now features a music discovery service powered by Echo Nest. The service allows users to discover new tunes that match their preferences, simply by visiting an artist’s page. By targeting Nook users, Rdio wants to increase its penetration in the highly competitive music streaming industry. The Internet radio service is currently available across multiple locales, including Australia, New Zealand, North America, parts of Europe, and Brazil.
The company is being tight lipped about exactly what Echo Nest-powered features it will introduce in the future, but it promised there is more to come. Did you check out Rdio on your Nooks, or other Android devices yet?



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