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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Evernote gets new SMS search and archive capabilities

Evernote is well known around these parts as being one of the most essential tools for every student or simply just a must have app. Today, new features were added to Evernote’s long list of supported services that might interest you.
Working with Mysms, Evernote’s team was able to add some new SMS features that lets you to connect Evernote with the messaging application. This integration will make all your text messages searchable, while also allowing you to store them on your Evernote account for later purposes.
These new features were announced as a way to integrate Evernote’s already great service, with the features offered by the Mysms application. Currently, Mysms allows you to sync your messages between all your devices (tablet, phones, and computers) in order to make replying to your text messages much easier and extremely convenient. The addition of Evernote will certainly be a plus for users:
We’re pleased with the result. With the app running, SMS messages to your existing smartphone number are archived into a dedicated Evernote notebook. The app creates a note for each each person you trade messages with, and every time you get or send a message to a person, it is added to their note. It also archives picture messages.
The service has been available for quite some time now but surely, now that the Evernote integration was announced, the app will become a bit more enticing to the average texter—student or professional. The best part of it all is, both applications are free from the Play Store so you lose nothing by giving them a try and let us know what you think about this in the comments.



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